press-blackberry-logo-blueBefore the ideas behind Think One Zero existed I started out developing website launchers for BlackBerry devices. These launchers were created to help the BlackBerry community access their favorite websites. In late 2009 these launchers began development under a spare domain and name, EDL Industries. The site at EDL Industries went through several iterations before being transitioned to the Think One Zero name in late 2010.

While I am no longer creating new launchers, I do still provide all of the original launchers that were created. The list of launchers is available by visiting from your BlackBerry. If you’re not being directed to the list of launchers, make sure your browser is set to identify as “BlackBerry” and not “Firefox” or something else.

As part of my core values at Think One Zero, I believe in giving back or making as much code available as possible for our projects. As a part of that I wrote a tutorial on how to create them for CrackBerry which they published. You can also grab a PDF version of the document here.