While I’m still continuing to refine the ESPN3 App for Boxee, I thought I should start working on my next project as well. One of my favorite online cartoons is Red vs. Blue, so I thought it would be great to bring their content to the big screen through Boxee.

This app is based around the content that the Rooster Teeth team, the creators of Red vs. Blue, provide via their YouTube Channel. There are some great benefits to this both from a developer stand point and user perspective. Boxee interfaces fairly naturally with YouTube content so bringing that content in for users works really well. The users benefit from this as they get all the play back controls they’d naturally expect when watching video.

I’m really excited about this app, and hope you guys are too. So for more information on the Red vs. Blue Boxee application and how to use it head over here and take a look. You can also see what other projects I might be working on in the projects page.