It’s not always about starting fresh when working on your small business presence. Willy Roberts Classic Boats is the perfect example of that. The site was originally created and designed by Tara Biek Creative, but Willy Roberts came to me when looking for a little help moving forward with some new initiatives on the website.

The folks at Willy Roberts Classic Boats needed to make some changes to the website in terms of content as well as add two additional sections (Pre-Owned Boats and Willy’s Store). I set out to incorporate these new pages as easily as we could into the design and in the end client was pleased with the work. We also took a look at the overall site and made some drastic changes to the underlying code in an effort to streamline the site and simply future work that might need to be done, either by myself or any other developer.

I then took some time to sit down with the owner of Willy Roberts Classic Boats and show him some new tools I implemented to get a better grasp on the effectiveness of his website. These included adding the Google Analytics tracking code and the Quantcast tracking code. These tools have helped Willy Roberts Classic Boats better understand where their web visitors are coming from and more about them so that they can better serve their needs.

You can also see what Willy Robert’s Classic Boats said about our work here. If you’re interested in what I can do for your small business please visit the contact page and send me an email.

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