Boxee is the first “social” media center, whose free, open source, downloadable software is changing the way consumers experience media.

On a computer or connected to an HDTV, Boxee gives people a truly connected digital entertainment experience to enjoy movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from websites like Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central, Pandora,, and flickr. Not only that, but you can share information about what you’re watching with friends so they can find it legally and enjoy it too. You can even post things you like to social networks like Twitter, Last.FM, or Tumblr. All this from within a visually driven interface that makes media come to life.

I’m a big fan of Boxee, but as nice as it seems to consume all of your media on a computer (or the soon coming Boxee Box) hooked up to your TV in the living room, live sports is an area where Boxee struggles. They’ve certainly made some great strides in partnering with MLB.TV and NHL Game Center, but it isn’t enough for some.

So at I set out to bring some more live sports content to Boxee and created (and continue to improve) the application. This application brings in existing Live and Replay content from ESPN3 to the Boxee interface in an easy to use and easy to understand way. For more information on the ESPN3 Boxee application and how to use it head over here and take a look. You can also see what other projects I might be working on in the projects page.